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Engineered Edge Protection And Fall Arrest Systems

Create a secure workplace with the latest and most innovative products in engineered edge protection systems, safeguarding lives, saving time, and reducing costs.
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Edge Protection Or Fall Arrest System?

First of its kind! Representing the ground breaking non-penetrating fall protection solution, offering simultaneous passive protection and fall arrest capabilities for up to four workers within a 31-foot span of webbing.

The Engineered Web Rail Edge Protection system is conveniently bundled on a pallet, complete with all the necessary components and 186 feet of linear protection. By attaching to the vertical fall arrest support, as opposed to the building column, it effectively prevents workers from colliding with the floor or column in the event of a fall. Designed for use with a lanyard or SRL vertical fall protection lifeline.

Safety precautions

Added Safety Precautions

By attaching to the Web Rail vertical fall arrest supports rather than the building column, the system effectively safeguards workers against floor or column collisions in the event of a fall. It is designed for use with a lanyard or SRL vertical fall protection lifeline.

Key Features:
Kit Includes:

Optimal Tension

Every spring tensioner gauge is equipped with a user-friendly tension guide, ensuring the precise 800 lb tension required for the safe and effective operation of the AlphaEdge fall arrest system.

Secured Detent-Pin

Intended to keep the pawl open and permit webbing payout during installation. This pin safety feature guarantees that the pawl remains disengaged throughout the payout process.

Tension Lock

Once the ideal tension is achieved, secure the unit with a padlock to prevent unauthorized adjustments.

Lock and Disable

In case the unit becomes compromised or damaged, employ a lockout, tagout padlock to prevent any further use of the system.
guardrail featured system

ATI Construction Presents The Newest Innovations in Engineered Guardrail, The Web Rail

The Web Rail Safety Kit is a ground-breaking, non penetrating fall protection system that provides passive protection as well as fall arrest for up to four workers per 31-foot span of webbing.

The complete set is easily packaged on a pallet and includes all required pieces for 186 linear feet of edge protection. Installation is quick and easy, and moves just as fast.

When workers attach to the Web Rail vertical fall arrest support rather than the building column, they are less likely to collide with the floor or column in the case of a fall. Designed to be used in conjunction with a lanyard or SRL vertical fall prevention lifeline.

Safety precautions

The Finest Safety Rail Available


This kit demonstrates remarkable versatility, accommodating both round and square columns with diameters of up to 30 inches. It enables up to four workers to secure themselves in fall arrest while working within a 31-foot span of webbing.


The kit utilizes 4-inch DOT webbing, designed to be fire retardant, UV resistant, and resistant to chafing, ensuring durability and a long-lasting performance.


The top, mid, and toe webbing components adhere to OSHA standards and rated at an impressive 20,000 lbs. Delivering robust and secure protection.

Regulatory Compliance

The kit is fully compliant with OSHA regulations, encompassing OSHA 1926 for passive fall protection (guardrail) and OSHA 1910 for fall arrest safety standards.
ensuring worker’s safety

Ensure Worker Safety with Web Rail

Compliance with OSHA Standards

Fits round and square columns up to 30″ in diameter.

Versatile Column Compatibility

It can be used with round and square columns, accommodating diameters.
Spring tension guardrail

Incorporated Spring
Tension Guide

The system is meticulously engineered to prevent any collisions with lower floors.

Multiple Worker

It allows for the secure attachment of up to four workers.
engineered edge protection system

Modular Edge Protection And Fall Arrest Systems

42" AlphaEdge Drill & Fixed Post

8'6" AlphaEdge Panel (42" Tall)

8'6" AlphaEdge Panel (42" Tall) stacked vertically

Compression Post 7' - 13'

8'6" AlphaEdge Panel (42" Tall)

8'6" AlphaEdge Panel (42" Tall)

42" AlphaEdge Slab Grab

Panel Engineered Edge Protection Systems

alpha edge protection

Versatile, Flexibly, Easy To Install and Reusable Edge Protection System compatible with various site conditions.
Proudly made in the USA with quality galvanized steel, Alpha Edge ensures 10+ years of durability in harsh environments.

Full Perimeter Protection

Regardless of whether you’re working with concrete, wood, or the standard C49 road and bridge bracket, the Alpha Panel provides a comprehensive engineered edge protection system tailored to your site requirements.

Thanks to the specially designed pocket insert, Alpha Edge offers a straightforward, reusable, and cost-effective alternative to the conventional lumber edge protection systems commonly used today. Installation takes half the time and requires a smaller crew, making it a highly efficient choice.

Innovative Accessories

On innovative “Seam Coil” seamlessly connects panels, enabling easy extension or configuration without the need for additional vertical posts. The low-profile panels allow efficient stacking, maximizing freight cost and reducing staging time. With access gates and the ability to eliminate corner posts, the System stands out as the most flexible and accommodating solution in the market.

Made In The USA

The Alpha Edge system is proudly manufactured in the USA using high-quality galvanized steel. The system is engineered to withstand 10+ years of rigorous use, enduring heavy abuse year-round in the most challenging conditions.

service products

Alpha Edge protection

Explore the diverse range of components in one convenient product, offering superior solutions for various needs. Quality and versatility guaranteed.

Slab Grab

42″ TALL

No climb panel ATI

No-Climb Panel

8’6″ X 42″ TALL

Bolt Down Post

42″ TALL

No climb panel

No-Climb Panel

51″ X 42″ TALL

Engineered Edge Protection Systems

Universal Guardrail

The Universal Guardrail Stack Rack Kit is designed to lower shipping expenses and arrives at the construction site fully prepared. This kit can accommodate 11 Universal Guardrails and Bases, supported by a sturdy metal rack. With a total length of 110 linear feet, it provides ample guardrail protection. The guardrails can be stacked efficiently for either side loading onto a flatbed or end loading into a closed trailer. The metal frame of the Stack Rack allows for three bundles of guardrails to be stacked up to three units high. The kits  system transports more linear feet per truckload compared to any other product.


Guardrail Kit Specifications

• Safest System On The Market
• 110’ Kits Are 47% Lighter Than Most Competitors
• Stacks 3 Pallets At A Time
• Available In Custom Colors
• Lower Shipping Costs
• TS22 Coated
• Galvanized Finish Available
• Grommeted Padding Feature Optional
• Each Pallet Contains 110 Linear Feet Of Universal Guardrail
• QC’d With TubeInspect
• Temporary Or Permanent Applications
• For Use Up To 2/12 Pitch
• Made In USA
• Product Weight: 1,190 Lbs

GuardRail Kit Tie Down

Passive Fall Protection

The Universal Guardrail is designed with the aim of offering a superior option to active fall protection systems. It has been specifically engineered to fit over 95% of the competitor bases that are currently available on the market. One of its key features is the multi-pin slot, which allows for effortless adjustment and compatibility with various bases from different manufacturers. This guardrail system provides an exceptional level of freedom of movement, enabling workers to carry out their tasks without any hindrance. Unlike active fall protection systems that necessitate the use of harnesses and lanyards, the Universal Guardrail does not impede movement or interfere with the job being performed.

Tie Down 70851 5.5 Ft to 7.5 Ft

Key Features

  • Quick Installation
  • Multi-directional
  • Fits Up to 2/12 pitch
  • Product weight: 33 lbs.
  • Powder Coated
  • Galvanized finish available
  • Custom color available upon request
service products

Universal Guardrail Products

Explore the diverse range of product offerings and superior solutions for a verity of needs. Quality and versatility guaranteed.

Tie Down Zip Rail Gravel Stop Kit

Zip Rail Kit


Tie Down TranzCart Mobile Roof Cart Kit

Mobile TranzCart


Tie Down 65015 Parapet Wall and Universal Guardrail System

Parapet / Slab Gripper


Yellow OSHA Compliant Guardrail Base with Toeboard Slots

Safety Guardrail Base


Engineered Mobile Fall Protection Systems

PX3 and PX5 Mobile Fall Protection

Each cutting-edge fall protection systems are shipped fully assembled and are designed to provide a safe working environment for multiple workers simultaneously. Non-penetrating units available as well. These mobile fall protection systems are versatile and can be used on various roofing applications such as concrete, EPDM, and TPO. When the need arises to move the system to a different location, the premium non-flat tires enable quick relocation, ensuring the customer can continue their work without any loss in productivity.

Penetrator X3 mobile fall protection system

PX3 Mobile Fall Protection

• 5 Users: 3 In Fall Arrest And 2 In Fall Restraint*
• Portable Design Ready To Use • Includes Locking Tool Box • Designed For TPO, EPDM, Metal And Built Up Roofing
• Vertical Lifting Rings
• Meets Compliance: OSHA 1926.502
• ANSI/ASSE Z359.6-2009(D)
• Made In U.S.A. • Product Weight: 430 Lbs.

Tie Down 72833 PX5 Sentinel Mobile Fall Protection System

PX5 Mobile Fall Protection

• 7 Users: 5 In Fall Arrest And 2 In Fall Restraint*
• Portable Design
• For Use On Concrete, Built-Up, TPO, ISO, PVC, And EPDM
• Front Locking Tow Handle
• Forklift Pockets
• TS22 Coated
• Area Footprint: 48” X 90”
• Premium 500 Lb. Flat-Free Tires
(2,000 Lbs. Total Capacity)
• Material Box With A Locking Door, Weather Strip, And
Heavy-Duty Hinge
• Rolled Goods Rack
• Fire Extinguisher Holder
• Vertical Rigging Points
• Meets Compliance: OSHA 1926.502
• ANSI/ASSE Z359.6-2009(D)
• Product Weight: 1,069 Lbs.

Tie Down 60060US Big Foot Mobile Fall Protection System

Big Foot Mobile Fall Protection

• 3 Users: 1 Fall Arrest And 2 Fall Restraints
• Non-Penetrating
• Lightest Non-Penetrating Roof Cart On The Market
• Patented Design
• For Use On Concrete, TPO, And EPDM
• Premium 300 Lb. Flat-Free Tires (1,200 Lb Total Capacity)
• TS22 Coated
• Premium 500 Lbs. Flat-Free Tires
• Area Footprint: 40” X 48”
• Jacking Feature For Easier Mobility And Handling
• Large, Printed Instruction Plate And QR Code
• Four Lifting Rings For Rigging
• USA Product Weight: 750 Lbs.
• Canadian Version Available (1,000 Lbs.)

service products

Fall Arrest Systems

Explore the many different solutions to fall protection, fall arrest and passive edge protection.  Quality and versatility guaranteed.

Tie Down Penetrator X5 Pro Mobile Fall protection

PX5 Pro Mobile Unit


Tie Down 40618 Srl Tray, 2



Tie Down Squatch Mobile Fall protection

Squatch Mobile Fall Protection System


Tire close up



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